Grow your Own

The ROOT!T range has all you need to grow your own plants and veg at home.

What are ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges?

ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges are a revolution in propagation. They are a clean, effective, easy alternative to traditional methods of propagation helping you to successfully grow your own plants and vegetables.ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges are a breakthrough in technology using plant derived biodegradable polymers bonding together a mixture of peat and bark to form a strong, pliable ready to use propagation plug.The structure of the ROOT!T sponge allows for the ideal amount of water and air to surround the seed or seedling creating the perfect micro environment. The ROOT!T sponge is also inoculated with micronutrients and beneficial bacteria to help the seedlings get the best start once it has germinated. As the seedlings and cuttings are left to grow in the ROOT!T Rooting Sponge, there is no damage or shock to the young plant when potting on which allows all the plants energy to be put into growth. The ROOT!T sponge is ideal for use in the garden, in pots and baskets, at the allotment and in hydroponic systems. For best results use with ROOT!T Rooting Gel and ROOT!T First Feed.

Why use ROOT!T Sponges?

ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges are easy to use and give fantastic results! Lettuce seeds can germinate in days with tap roots emerging out of the plug in 5 days! The ROOT!T sponge holds together when it is being handled as it’s made of a biodegradable polymer meaning that there is no mess or breakage. Each sponge has a dual hole which can support either a seed or a cutting. The first part of the hole is shorter and wider to support and protect a seed and create a warm humid microclimate around it. The centre of the hole goes deeper into the plug and is much narrower which supports a cutting and helps to stimulate quicker root development. The all natural ROOT!T sponges are environmentally friendly and made of bio degradable products. Just leave them in the ground or put them in the compost heap! Unlike stone wool alternatives, there are no issues with disposal of these sponges when you are finished.

ROOT!T Range

The ROOT!T range has every product that you need for successful propagation.

If you are rooting cuttings, then prepare your donor plant with Stock Plant Tonic to get strong healthy cuttings and give them the best start. Cut with the sterilised scalpel provided in our premium propagation kit to prevent any diseases. Drop ROOT!T gel into your growing media and place the cutting into the gel. Then protect the cuttings from dehydration and stress with ROOT!T Cutting Mist.

The ROOT!T Natural Sponges are ideal whether starting with seeds or cuttings. They support the plantlet through the first stages of rooting and give a balance between moisture and air, as well as the added bonus of beneficial microbes and micronutrients as soon as the plant requires them.

All of the ROOT!T propagators provide a protective environment around the germinating plants creating the perfect microclimate. If light is restricted due to the season or growing indoors, the ROOT!T light strips or light dock will provide the essential gentle light energy required. Also, if the environment is too cold then use the ROOT!T heat mat to provide a soft heat to the propagator.

The vent in all of the propagators allows fresh air to enter this environment once the plantlets are large enough. Around this time, when healthy white roots protrude from the sponge and the first true leaves show, ROOT!T First feed should be used. This will provide the next stage of growing with vital essential nutrients that the small plants need the most.

All of these ROOT!T products will help grow healthy happy plants but with an added extra bit of TLC from you!!