ROOT!T Potting Biscuit

The ROOT!T Potting Biscuits are used when planting into outdoor soils and into pot plants. They are placed beneath the plantlet when transplanting and watered in.

The ROOT!T Potting Biscuits contain the complex biology of garden soils to support the efficient transfer of nutrients and water to plants. Using ROOT!T Potting Biscuits will allow you to get the best out of your young plants and give them a great start to grow and establish.

There are 5 active components included in the biscuit to encourage plant growth in the critical period after transplanting.

  1. A mycorrhizal fungal inoculant which creates a symbiotic relationship with plant roots
  2. Beneficial bacteria that provides a healthy environment for roots
  3. Seaweed meal – a starter feed for the plants
  4. Water retaining crystals to prevent the media from drying out
  5. Bio additives to give your plants an extra boost

PottingBiscuit6 x350

Supplied as a pack of 20